I am a hands-on Co-Founder at Lawgives.com LawGives I handle everything engineering!

On the weekends, I play with my daughter, tease my wife, and clean up around the house. I really recommend stopping by AK's Meats; they have a really good Pastrami sandwich.

I used to volunteered at Friends of the Urban Forest to plant trees on Saturday. F.U.F. is non-profit organization that is dedicated to planting trees in the San Francisco Area. It is a great deal of fun with a potluck afterwards. F.U.F. services the local area of San Francisco. If you wish to volunteer, or want information on planting trees in your neighborhood, please give them a call at (415) 543-5000


A trip down to Point Lobos My family reniuion:

point lobos photo

Point Lobos Photo

Point Lobos Photo

Point Lobos Photo

My resume is available in the below formats. If you wish to contact me please use the "contact" tab to send me a message.


I am about 6'3", brown hair, brown eyes, and large feet. My skin is lightly tanned, I am not very muscular, and fortunately my dog drags me out for long walks. MIT made a movable alarm clock, but this clock doesn't compare to a starving dog or my daughter's good morning world "aaaaaaaah!"

I think I am handsome! And all my friends tell me so! I am Asian/American, my father is Chinese, and my mother is American. The Americans think I am Chinese, and the Chinese think I am American. My mixed culture, is a blessing. Dad calls me a banana: Yellow on the outside, and white on the inside...

Places I like to eat is

What kind of music do I like to listen to?

Sterling, I also enjoy listen to Modern Celtic music (oxymoron), an singer of this type of music is Loreena McKennitt and Enya. I have not found any other type of music like it, if you know of comparable music please send me the author's name, and title. Other music that tops my charts is in general, Amy Kuney some of the stuff from Paula Abdul "The Rose", Air Supply (some), and generally what is called Soft Rock. Jewel, and Lisa Loeb. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Concertos, Overtures, and Choruses also appeal to me to. Jane Valencia. Jo Stafford to go back into the past. Another inspiring piece is sound tracks by Yoko Kanno

A really good movie, is one that just lasts 5 minutes - engrossing. These are the movies I just love to keep on watching!

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